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In-House Meditation Programs

Next Afternoon Intensive
Saturday, July 27th, 3-6pm
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Next Beginner’s Meditation class
Saturday, August 3rd, 4-6 pm
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Next Day of Mindfulness
Sunday, August 11th; 9am-4pm.
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We are having a short  weekend retreat from August 16th-18th. This retreat will be suitable for beginners as a first retreat and as a mindfulness battery charge for more seasoned meditators.

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Online Zoom Class

Dhamma & Meditation
Dhamma talk with Q&A session, followed by short yoga practice and a guided meditation every Wednesday from 7–9pm EST.


Join Wednesday at 7PM EST

URL: https://zoom.us/j/173871996
Passcode: metta

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    Meditation kuti dedicated to the memory of Bhante’s mother, including a custom painted mural.

    Zoom Dhamma Talks & Sutta Study Sessions

    Below are the links to Bhante Rahula’s talks and meditations on YouTube.

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