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Zoom Recorded Dhamma Talks & Sutta Study Sessions

Links to the Zoom Recorded Dhamma talks and Sutta study sessions on YouTube.

Meditation programs with Bhante Rahula

We will gradually be re-opening in-house meditation programs and weekend retreats.

 Thanksgiving retreat from November 26th to 29th.

We are having a in-house retreat over the Thanksgiving holidays from Thursday eve November 26 to Sunday noon 29th. I will simultaneously offer certain sessions of the retreat over Zoom for those staying at home (see below). The topic of this retreat will be: Living and Dying with Awareness. (Note: This in-house retreat is already full).

For those wishing to watch/listen over Zoom to Parts of the Thanksgiving Retreat here is the info.
There will be no First evening session November 26th over Zoom.
Schedule for both November 27th and 28th
First Zoom session:  8.45 am-11.15am; Short talk followed by sitting and walking meditation.
Lunch break 11.15 1.30pm–not on Zoom
Second Zoom session 1.30pm-4.30- Main Dhamma talk followed by Standing, sitting and walking meditation
30 minute break- leave zoom running
Third Zoom session  5.00 pm-6 pm Yoga breathing and exercise.
Fourth Zoom session 7.00 pm-9 pm Evening puja, Question/answers, meditation.
Zoom schedule for Sunday, November 29th
9am-11.15-  Final meditation and closing talk.  Please note that this will take the place of the regular Sunday 2-4 pm program
For Thanksgiving Retreat Join Zoom Meeting Link:
Meeting ID: 847 6284 8135
Passcode: metta 
Heads Up
We will also be having a Year Ending Retreat from Dec. 29th eve.-January 1st noon.
Participation limited to 8 persons, registration by e-mail required: 


Afternoon Intensives

We are having Afternoon Intensive practice every Saturday between 2-4.30 pm (except during weekend retreats). We will keep a minimum of six feet apart. You can also sit outside weather permitting in our grassy meadow.


Self Retreats

We now offer a space for doing a Self retreat for experienced meditators,  to come for between two-seven days outside of organized retreats, here at our center. A  meditator recently did so and offers her experience here for those who might be needing some time for oneself in a conducive environment. 

This summer I spent a few days on a “self-retreat” at Lion of Wisdom. The mechanics of it went like this. I slept out in a tent under the trees and stars. Every day I got up at 5:00, drank a cup of tea, and did morning yoga with Bhante Rahula. Then we sat for an hour, then ate breakfast, and then I spent the rest of the day meditating on my own time and in my own way. I would sit in the meditation hall, or do walking meditation inside or out, or sit outside in a little mosquito netting meditation tent. I’d drink more tea here and there. We ate lunch in the middle of the day. Then in the evening Bhante would lead me in another yoga session, followed by another hour of sitting together, and then it was time for bed. 


On a formal retreat, your days tend to be pretty structured, and you’re given instructions in what to do. Formal retreats are invaluable. But it’s a really cool and interesting practice to try to structure your own day of meditation, which is what you have to do on a self-retreat. You realize you need to pay close attention to your instincts, so you know what feels like the right thing to do in each moment, and then commit to doing that thing. This can require a more subtle awareness of what’s going on in your mind than when you are simply following someone else’s instructions. It’s a really cool thing to watch and act on, and I think it probably helps your awareness develop beyond the days you are on retreat. 


I am really grateful for these days of self-retreat at Lion of Wisdom. Especially now, when so many meditation centers are closed down because of coronavirus, it was so great to be able to go sit somewhere that was not my apartment, and to be in a space dedicated to meditation, designed to helping me fully dedicate myself to meditation. If you have a couple days to spare, I highly recommend it. 

Amanda Huron


If you would like to come for a self-retreat of between 2-7 days (perhaps longer) send an e-mail request to Bhante Rahula at:

The DOMs, Days of Mindfulness will begin again when the Pandemic social distancing guidelines are relaxed further.


Three types of meditation sessions/retreats normally offered here at the Pannasiha/ Lion of Wisdom Meditation Center. 

Days of Mindfulness (DOM).

These typically are held on one or two Saturdays per month. They begin at 9 am and finish at 4.30 pm; they are geared towards relative beginners with some light yoga stretches, instruction/guided meditation and a Dhamma talk. More experienced meditators are also welcome. Bring a bag lunch or veg. pot luck dish to share.

Afternoon Intensives (AI)

These are held on the Saturday between the DOMs from 2-5 pm. They are geared for experienced practioners who do not need any instructions or guidance. People can sit or walk as long as they like with no bells. Tea is available and interviews with Bhante Rahula may be available.

Two or three day retreats.

These will usually begin on a Friday night with a DOM on Saturday and continue until 4pm the next day or an additional day. People must register for staying overnight as dorm type sleeping accommodation is limited. People living nearby have option to go home in evening and come back next morning;  breakfast and lunch will be provided. People are expected to observe the monastic rule of not eating solid food afternoon; No evening meals will be served. However, persons with medical need can bring there own snack supplement. No cooking is allowed but a microwave may be available to warm up soup etc.

People should inform us of this need. 

Things to bring with you: Sleeping bag or bed sheets, pillow case, personal towel, yoga mat if you have one, house slippers and refillable water bottle.

There is no charge for any of these programs but donations are gratefully accepted, as this center exists solely on donations to support this service.


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Can Yoga and Buddhist Meditation Mix

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