Bhante Rahula meditating at the base Mount Fitzroy in the Patagonian Alps.

At The Lion of Wisdom meditation center we practice Buddhist mindfulness and Vipassana meditation. We offer Classes for Beginners, a Day of Mindfulness and Afternoon Intensives as well as organized group retreats and self retreats.

Meditation Instructions for Beginners

Here are four video talks and guided meditations for beginners or those new to mindfulness meditation. These are perfect for newcomers to get started before coming to a retreat.

  1. Introduction to Meditation
  2. Mindfulness of Breathing
  3. Mindfulness in the Body
  4. Four Foundations of Mindfulness

Bhante Rahula has a full meditation exercise perfect for beginners.

Beginner’s Meditation Class

Our beginner’s class is intended for those new to meditation or for those who do not meditate regularly. The class will include a short talk, a short session of simple yoga stretches, a 30 minute guided sitting meditation, followed by standing and walking awareness, and ending with a short Q&A session.

Private Individual or Group Instruction

Private individual or group instruction can be also arranged with Bhante Rahula. To set up a class email Bhante at

Days of Mindfulness (DOM)

Our Days of Mindfulness are typically held on one Saturday or Sunday per month. They begin at 9 AM, finish at 4 PM, and are geared towards relative beginners. They include some light yoga stretches, instruction with a guided meditation, and a Dhamma talk. More experienced meditators are also welcome.

Afternoon Intensives

For more experienced meditators we offer occasional Afternoon Intensives, typically held on Saturday or Sunday (except during weekend retreats). The AI’s are geared for those already comfortable with meditation and who do not need any instructions or guidance. People can sit or walk as long as they like with no meditation bell. Tea is available and interviews with Bhante Rahula may also be requested.

The days and times of these classes may change, so be sure to check the our home page for an updated schedule.  In you plan to attend the beginner’s meditation class, Day of Mindfulness, or Afternoon Intensives, please let us know by email at