Bhante Rahula talks about the connection between yoga and Buddhist meditation practice: How yoga assists in establishing first foundation of mindfulness, i.e. mindfulness of the body contemplation, as well as how to utilize the body as a focal point for the mind to gain access to deeper forms of concentration.

00:05 | Talk
29:27 | Deep Slow Breathing
32:20 | Four Phases of Breath
36:10 | Benefits of integrating yoga & meditation
40:30 | Mind can dive deeper with the focal point of body
43:28 | Overcoming obstacles of meditation
44:11 | Q&A
47:31 | Does ‘Samma Vayama’ (Right Effort) includes body exercise
49:19 | Kasina meditation
51:50 | Breath instruction for yoga position held for longer period
56:19 | Three part breathing
1:00:00 | Yoga Exercise
1:18:00 | Guided Meditation

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